Are you looking for concrete polishing professionals in Auckland?

Whatever the reason for your floor polishing needs, be it creating a beautiful space that adds value to your home, or you simply want a more convenient easy to clean floor, concrete polished flooring is an option to consider.

With concrete polishing, we utilise high quality machinery to create a smooth finish that can be either be finished with a high gloss or matte result, depending on what you need.

To begin, we start the process with the removal excess coatings and any residual material from the previous removed flooring surface, leaving only a bare concrete floor. Following this our experienced staff meticulously move across the floor searching for cracks and any other deformities, which we then seal with a semi rigid epoxy or other suitable filler. Once dried, we start the grinding stage of the process, commencing a lower grit grinding disk and then moving on to a higher grit material as we progress the floor surface to the required fineness. Once we’ve reached the required level of fine grain surface, we follow up with a chemical harder to help the floor density. Finally, we come through with the polisher, taking the floor surface down to required level of smooth, fineness and gloss, depending on the client’s specifications.

Additionally, our clients have the option of selecting either an easy grind option where the floor is high shine and plain. Or the second option where we manipulate the floor surface to enhance the stone aggregate surface and any colour selected.

Today, concrete polishing is very popular for many reasons, some of these are:

  1. Compared to many flooring options such as tiles, polished concrete is quite affordable and cost effective. Because of this many homeowners select this as it while it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property it provides more bang for your buck.
  2. These floors are very durable and usually last a long period of time which means lower maintenance costs over time.
  3. One of the really attractive aspects of polished concrete is that even when it needs to be maintained, what’s required is simple and easy, requiring a simple sweep and mop, or worse case and industrial polisher to clean any stubborn stain.
  4. Regardless of your tastes, there’s a style and design that will appeal to you, whatever the particulars of your home interior, concrete polishing is an ideal option.
  5. Because of the shiny nature of the surface, the amount of reflected light is increased, making the lighting in the room, be it natural light or artificial, more effective.
  6. These floors are tough and ideal for places where foot traffic is high. Not only this but because of this strength they cope with any type of shoe, resisting skid marks, spillages or any other repetitive damage that comes with large numbers of people moving across a space.

Our team of concrete floor polishers has the expertise and professionalism to handle any concrete polishing job, with a quality guarantee baked into the service. So, get in touch today to talk to our friendly staff to grind and polish concrete floor today.