Concrete Levelling

Whether you need to prepare your floor for other flooring options like tiling or installing wood panels, you need to level concrete first to avoid mishaps and miscalculations on the process. Although you can turn it into a DIY project, especially for small areas like bathroom or a bedroom, it is recommended that you let the experts handle the situation. In that case, let us handle your concrete leveling needs and you are guaranteed to have a floor ready in a snap!

Concrete levelling is a process that entails the use of concrete grinders (whether hand-held or industrial ones) to remove and level excess slabs of concrete that can cause unlevelled floor that is not ideal when you’re planning to install flooring choices like vinyl tiles, wooden panels and other options. Floors need to achieve a certain level of flatness as excess concrete slabs can be a cause of tripping hazard and overlapping pieces. Whether you plan to level your concrete floor for your home, office or commercial building, you can never go wrong if you choose us as we’ll guarantee excellent quality and unmatched customer service.

Below is the process of levelling the concrete floor on your own:


  • Grinder Edger
  • Single head grinder
  • Vacuum (for attaching both machines)
  • Small hand grinder (with a vacuum of its own for tough to reach areas)
  • Safety equipment (goggles, mask, gloves, etc.)


  1. It is important to measure the floor first. Determine its volume by multiplying its width to its length. In addition, ask or inquire about what the appropriate tile is for the job. You can ask service providers like us or your tile supplier and always have 10% allowance intended for possible breakages.
  2. Using your grinder, grind the uppermost part of the floor in order to remove high spots. High spots are concrete areas where two ends meet. In addition, grinding will help in removing old paint on the surface. To even out high spots, make sure to use the small grinder first, and then pass it over with a large grinder to even out the surface. Once every high spot is okay, make long and consistent passes of the large grinder over the whole floor. Make sure to vacuum the dust once in a while in order to assess your performance.
  3. If you have any hard to reach areas, like floor under a cabinet or pieces of equipment that is installed on the floor, use a handheld grinder.
  4. Make sure to grind and level the corners as well.

Concrete levelling is a crucial process before proper flooring installation begins. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your concrete floor, reach out to us by contacting our contact numbers. Our customer service representative will be glad to help you out in any way possible. Remember, if you need expert and skilled person for the task and you want high-quality floors for your home, office or commercial building, we are always ready to offer our service .