Honed concrete

Does your footpath, outdoor area, poolside, or porch need an update? Honed concrete is a good solution due to its non-slip function, and if you are needing a contractor that always guarantees a level of floor quality that’s always of a high standard then we are what you are looking for.

Honed concrete flooring is suitable for any outdoor space, be it for industrial use, commercial or even residential. This flooring option is one that is highly durable, stands the test of time looks wise and looks very similar to polished concrete; but differs in that the surface is designed to ensure anti slip standards are adhered to, thus ensuring that accidents from slipping is minimised.

The process begins with a standard concrete grind which gets the concrete floor prepared and levelled for sealing, removing scraps and protruding pieces of non-desirable concrete. The sealant used for honed concrete differs from polished concrete in that it the sealer is absorbed by the concrete rather than staying on the surface as per polished concrete. Because of this honed concrete is only suitable for creating a matte finish. Honed concrete is specifically used for our outdoor spaces because the finished surface is long lasting and doesn’t easily get chipped, scratched, or stained. With honed concrete the client can also decide on the finished appearance, with options of creating patterns or exposed aggregate/stones etc. If this is something you would prefer for your surface, please do provide some examples and we are more than happy to provide this option.

What are the benefits of using honed concrete for outdoor surfaces?

  1. Very low and easy maintenance. These surfaces don’t need a lot effort to clean, as you can clean it easily with simple sweeping followed by a wet mop. And if it needs a bit more and industrial cleaner usually returns it to its original glory.
  2. Is affordable and low-cost relative to other options which usually need significant time and expensive materials to create. The decreased opportunity cost, when you compare this honed concrete and the volume of output and quality to other options, you could easily decide to reinvest that saved value from the honed concrete solution on other areas of the project.
  3. Honed concrete is super durable and very strong, making it suitable for many high traffic spaces, with less wear over time from scratching, chipping and other marks.
  4. Visually attractive and contemporary; the honed concrete look will stand the test of time aesthetically. Couple this with the options of exposed aggregate and patterning gives the designer or architect additional effects to enhance the space.

So, if you are looking at making your home or commercial space more aesthetically appealing, then our honed concrete solutions might be just what you are after. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss further, call now on 0800224407