Grind and Seal

  • These floors work well with most house interior design.
  • The concrete base quality isn’t a barrier when wanting to increase shine.
  • Very low maintenance, easy to clean with a simple mop or broom.
  • For indoor floors the options can include a very contemporary satin or full gloss look.
  • Adds aesthetic value to your home.
  • Installation is a more affordable option than polished concrete.
  • Depending on what level of grit or aggregate material, you can adjust level of slip resistance.

Grind and Seal is an affordable option if you are wanting to create a beautiful space with your existing concrete floor.

Whatever your project, be it the office, warehouse or home, our team of professionals deliver seamless grind and seal solutions every time.

Our contractors will commence the process by clearing and grinding the existing concrete floor to remove any gouges, obtruding material, and scratches. Once the surface is prepared, the team apply grout to cover any remaining holes. At this stage of the job, depending on client specifications, we adjust the visibility level of stones and other aggregates. Followed by grinding the floor using diamond abrasive grits to create the desired level of aggregation and shine. Finally, we start the sealant stage to protect the concrete floor, applying a topical sealer based on the client’s requirements, with options varying between high gloss, to semi-gloss and matte.

Although our grind and seal solution is often chosen by the client, we also offer the below services:

  • Adhesive and Glue Removal option – experience is essential when it comes to knowing what removal solution is required as the range of adhesives is extensive. Our team can handle any type of floor.
  • Line Marking Removal option – Whatever the unwanted line mark on our floor is, we can get this removed efficiently.
  • Screed Removal option – excess cement happens, and we can clean this up for you, making sure the floor is level to your plan.
  • Hazardous Lump removal – Trip hazards need to be dealt to. With concrete flooring, this happens when multiple slabs of the concrete surface aren’t level. We’ve got the right equipment and skill to get rid of these quickly.
  • Surface Preparation option – we are skilled at quickly getting any concrete floor surface prepared for renovation.
  • Floor Levelling option – A critical step in any tiling option, we make sure your floor is levelled to your specifications.